November 20, 2007

The Left Hemisphere

I have finally became able to verbalise this in a slightly academic tone:

The impact of preference for knowledge that is suitable for processing by the left hemisphere is one of the most important issues underlying development and utilisation of management knowledge. Our schooling, culture and theoretical tools train us in ‘left hemisphere thinking’ and stimulate the left-hemispheric processing of information and its dominance.

What most of ‘research’ does is explication of ‘what is known to the right hemisphere’ as intuition, wisdom, implicit knowledge and alike structures into a language and logical form that is suitable to be processed by the left hemisphere. The explication mode certainly has its value, because knowledge becomes easy to disseminate, comprehend and recombine. Explication mode is not the same as creation mode, which is associated with changes in a deep structure of knowledge. These two acts of thinking should be distinguished.

The problem with the functioning of the left hemisphere is that it is arguably the most dissociated and de-contextualised part of a brain and our being. Dissociation comes at a cost: people do not notice impact they make and they lose control over their own preferences and subsequent decisions - cognitive dissonance appears and one hand doesn't know what the other does.


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