September 21, 2006

New York

Sitting in my English flat in a perfect English province and watching Sex and The City, I realised that I had a life there. Though I was spending too much time watching TV or just browsing Internet at work on Saturdays, there were things like the internship at the United Nations, a night club "Top of The World" on the very top floor of one of Twin Towers, being on a floor New York Stock Exchange in a brocker's shoes, being locked with 30 billions worth of gold deep under Manhattan at Federal Reserve, wine and talks with clever Portugese girls in some restaraunts in midtown, Broadway show about a gay relationship, organising recieption at Russian mission to the UN, coffee in Lipstick Building with clever Yale graduates, live jazz in Chelsea clubs, Independence Day fireworks. Even when I left, I went to JFK on taxi right from my workplace. This was a flash so strong, that I realise i don't look at my place in the same way. I had a life. I think I got too tired too early.


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