September 24, 2006

Life Choices

I was telling to a friend that my life choices are not that good. I definitely should not have settled for a province and that just leaves me out of the loop and energy and stimulation. Other shoulda and woulda include all sorts of "wrong" location, wrong professional role and financial decisions made without due preparation. Even in what I do with my time or whom I see, it seems wasted. Or am I doing my best? In this case I thought I am able for more. Or it is not the question of ability, but meeting expectations, of others that is. I think, I began to see where those life choices lead me and I don't quite like it. I also don't see ways back. If I am not moved by what has been achieved, I surely won't be if I return to past.

P.S. Even I hold high standards ideally, reality shows that I settle for good but average choices. Which is a mistake.


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