February 26, 2006

Why I don't write many academic papers

Well, because it's depressing and does not feel like I'm doing some thing for real. Who reads them anyways?
Apart from language issues, peer review process, publish or perish etc.
When I look at another piece of discussion about that theory by X said such and such and theory by Y said that... for pages and pages. Then goes 'hypotheses' and a sterile discussion of stand-alone issues, because it's impossible to investigate them scientifically in a complexity of real-life contexts. Plus usual portion of methodology and number of survey responses that supposed to prove validity. Those surveys tell nothing, except about preconceptions of those who wrote questions. To extract data from them wouldn't worth it, easier to ask people for yourself.
And, of course, implications for practitioners (never followed), contributions for research field directions for further studies (you need to show that you build on some extant authorities).

The scientific approach teaches that you cann't start doing anything without having a problem, you can explore only by methods prescribed, and of course, you cann't live without limitations.


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