October 12, 2005

Reviving Blogging

How about we revive this blog, and start to learn Italian.

Many things changed and achieved since my last posting here, as it should be. But the medium remains the same. What I tried to wrote here before was about 'interesting things' met in my professional life--few examples were put here, most of them were worthy of experiencing much more than of recording.

When I began to study organisational behavior, I thought I would use some smart software or wicki and create a map of the field, that proved to be too complex, too irrelevant, or I simply lacked 'motivation'.

While I can't wrap my brain around the concept and purposes of this blogging activity still, I'll continue.

Parlate Italiano? :-)

P.S. By the way, the spellchecker here, at blogger.com does not know the words 'blog' and 'blogging', tries to replace 'blogging' with 'flogging' and 'blog' with 'bloc'... well-abmiguous.
P.P.S. It messed up the word 'wiki' and my Italian phrase as well!


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