October 24, 2005

Basal ganglia and more of rat-tourchuring science

OK, another bit of rat-tourchuring science.

Nothing new, exept trivia and, yeah, sensible research conclusions that lead nowhere,
"If a learned pattern remains in the brain after the behavior is extinguished, maybe that's why it's so difficult to change a habit."

There are lots of patterns stored in the brain, and learned patterns--once developed, neuron pathways--are available. The very language of it... using "change a habit" expression so literally--like a habit is a dress to change--is buying the metaphor at the cost of reality.

What's useful, the pointer to their metaphor of "the robot within us" and role of the basal ganglia--a brain region that is central to habits, addiction and procedural learning--that underlines the unity of patterns involved in these processes. High value assigned to learning, and negative value assigned to addiction are irrelevant.


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