March 03, 2003

XML, Altova, my resume and all that technologies...

I have installed Authentic XML development tool by Altova (which they made "free"). OK, started exploring it and look for what useful I can do with it now, complicated menu, functions... and discovered "industry standard for XML-based resume." OK, I thought, I just wanted to shape my resume with styles in Word, it will be a chance to put this thing in order, especially because, resume is constantly adjusted for different puposes, so it will be easier to pick up different things.

Well, Authentic offered me some inconvenient editor, in which it translates XML tags into fields, to which I should type. I attempted to switch to simple XML editor and encountered problems, one of them is if you want to change format of the file you need to prepare template in other tool by Altova (which, of course, is not free or even on trial). But the thing is I do not want to (and doubt I should) care that some templates, XML schema, complex settingsā€¦ whatever is needed, I just want to make my resume better!

It is always so with technologies, and Internet particularly. Formats, settings, technologies, system's logicā€¦ why shall I know HTML, XML to express my thoughts? (And if one does not want to focus or learn HTML... it's hard to create a worthy thing in Frontpage) Communication and formulation are tough themselves and technologies shift effort with their unnecessarily complexities. There is one simple thing: people are knowledgeable and adaptive agents engaging with technology to achieve their ends, and when technology does not help, they abandon it, or work around it, or change it, or think about changing their ends.

Dropping of inefficient ammunition is much likely, and I have no wonder why people, like programmers, (been one of those) have troubles and slows in overcoming technological stupidity for no reason.